10 Most Biodiverse Countries in the World

With the whole flora and fauna in the world is disappearing in a blink of an eye, it is comforting to know that there are the countries, like the 10 most biodiverse countries in the world that Insider Monkey tracked down recently, that make a great effort to preserve the end of their existence.

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Due to the pollution, trashing the ground, and cutting down trees and clearing the field so that the new buildings can rise, the global biodiversity is quickly decreasing.

Unlike the other countries, where people, as well as the government, don’t pay a lot of attention to the biodiversity of the country, these most biodiverse countries in the world that we are about to present have started some extreme measures and risen the awareness so that the different plant and animal species wouldn’t die out from those areas.
With the whole urbanization thing running around, it became really hard worldwide to preserve the flora and fauna. While the infrastructure is developing, it needs a lot of space to grow, which is why the woods and fields are destroyed, the lakes and rivers are being polluted, which also results in dying animal species.

Although there are many organizations that march against this way of work, their influence is still not strong enough to hold the construction back. So how did these countries that managed to rank as 10 most biodiverse countries in the world manage to save up their flora and fauna and how many species are left out there?

For example, there is Venezuela, that ranked 9th on the Insider Monkey list. Out of 353,841 square miles, even 57.6% is protected by the law, which allows more than 21,000 plants and over 5,000 animal species to live and breed.

India, on the other hand, is not just one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, but also the second most populous nation in the world, having more than 1.2 billion residents in it. As far as the flora is concerned, it is the No.1 richest country in the world, with more than 45,000 species of plants and there are also more than 2,000 animal species detected.
While only 6.2% of the whole area of India is protected by the law, we can not argue the fact that India is rather larger than Venezuela (1,269,219 square miles) and the 672 protected areas in the whole country isn’t that low number at all.
If you are interested in seeing the whole list, click on 10 most biodiverse countries in the world by Insider Monkey.

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