10 Most Common Snakes in America

Although America is not that overloaded with snakes like Australia, there are 10 most common snakes in America that inhabit almost all parts of the country. Fortunately for American citizens, they are not all dangerous for humans, which is why some of them are even kept as pets.

Although there aren’t specific number records of snakes in America because they are obviously not that easy to be count, the fact that is known is that they are most common in places that have a similar climate like Florida, which is actually the number one homeland to snakes in America. Florida counts about 50 different snake species, but even though most of them are considered to be non-venomous, Florida is also a homeland to some most dangerous species in the world such as pythons and boa.  The reason for this many pythons can be found in nature is that many people are intrigued by them and eager to have them as pets. The problem with this is that pythons grow up to be very strong and long, which makes them pretty uncomfortable to be around humans and vice versa. Besides, no matter how hard owners try to please their python pets, there are very high chances that these loyal pets would see their owners as a lunch one day.

Pixabay/Public Domain

There is the old and often told story when it comes to pythons. There was a woman a decade or two ago who kept her snake as a pet. Of course, as python was growing up, he became too big for a cage, which is why she started letting him live in her house like it was a dog. Soon, they started bonding really well and shared a bed almost every night. But, after a while, she got scared because her loving pet refused to eat even his most favorite meals. The one thing she should have known when she decided to take this snake as a pet that pythons start measuring their owners after they are big enough and start a draw diet until they are big enough to swallow them completely. Of course, when she heard about this from her veterinarian, she immediately got rid of him. Although she decided to find him a nice home with experienced staff, not every owner is this responsible. Most of them rather find a faraway spot and just release them in a wilderness. It is already too late when they realize that this was a big mistake and that this way, they are allowing and helping the wild python’s population to grow and hurt people.

Luckily for all Americans, pythons are not among top 10 most common snakes in America. But if you would like to know which ones are and where you can find them, by clicking on the link you will be transferred to the original article and get all the information about 10 most common snakes in America.

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