10 Most Corrupt US Presidents in History

If you are constantly complaining about the political situation in your country, take a look at 10 most corrupt US presidents in history and try to compare whether the new government is really as bad as you might think.

The truth is, there is no politician in the world that you can trust. No matter how good he might seem, how thoughtful and considering he was, how great story he has to tell, as soon as he gets his hands on the chair, there is a new story coming up.


Pixabay/Public Domain

The biggest problem here is that the majority of people have given up. They just try to move on with their lives and provide the better life for their families. Well, sorry brother, no can do. You can not choose some corrupted president to lead the country, give him all the power, and assume that you won’t have anything to do with it. His decisions will affect your life. His decisions will affect your child’s life. Presidents can bring the whole nation into the biggest debt ever. They can reduce salaries. They can increase taxes. They can take away your job. They can ruin the education for your children!

I am not from the US, but as far as I know, there are many people living in any of the states that didn’t even have a clue who their president was while Obama lead them. Also, as far as I know, he was really appreciated, as well as his wife, Michelle, for their work for the community and the nation in general. But don’t fool yourself. He had some flaws. After all, it is completely natural thing. We are all human.

But now, when Trump took the leadership, will it be better for the US? Ok, he had his business, he was a millionaire (and even billionaire), but he had bankrupted several times, right? So who can guarantee that the US isn’t at the edge? No one! On the other hand, he might be the perfect heir of the Obama family.
The truth is, the biggest reason why he was selected was that his only real opponent was Hilary Clinton. After everything that the US has suffered from her husband on the chair, no one would give this family a chance to rule ever again! First, the Lewinsky scandal! Second of all, revenge via IRS to their personal enemies and messing up with the FBI. And how low people have to be to try stealing the White House property and bring the furniture and else to their own house? Yes, Bil Clinton is one of the most corrupt US presidents in history. But who else? Take a look at Insider Monkey’s 10 most corrupt US president in history and find out.

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