10 Most Dangerous Countries For Gay Travelers

LGBTQ have never been in easy situation, although it seems to improve nowadays there are still lots of countries that can get on the list of the 10 most dangerous countries for gay travelers. Insider Monkey has made a great research work in this topic, as usual.

We can find lots of cultures and beliefs across the globe, and this is why we can accept one thing in one socitey, it is refused (or punished) in the other. Homosexuality has always been a controversial question, and there are countries, cultures that accept it, while others are only lenient, and another ones directly punish it. The latter ones are on our list today, those countries that inflict death penalty on homosexuals. You will see that these countries are all muslims without even one exceptions.

On the other hand, the Netherlands was the first country to legalise same sex marriage. Until now 29 other countries has done so. In these countries then homosexuals can feel safe and accepted, not only in Europe but in many states of America, too. People throughout the whole world can be very passionate in a debate regarding to homosexuality. Many of them judge those people who love the same sex, while others can accept it.

As for me, I have never thought these people are disgusting, neverthless I can’t really handle this question. What is sure, I absolutely against hitting them by death penalty, as you can see that many countries on this list do.

And now let’s take a look at the list of the 10 most dangerous countries for gay travelers. We will start with the number 10:


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10. Tanzania

Authoirites in this country are really strict, and they are definitely not lenient, as homosexuals can end up with a 30-year or life-long sentence!

9. Somalia

Homosexuas are punished with 3 years of prison in this country.

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8. Qatar

Several years in prison, or deaath penalty – this is the Sharia in Qatar.

7. Yemen

If you aren’t married, but homosexual – your sentence will be 100 lashes or one year in prison. But if you are – you will have to face with death penalty.

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6. Brunei

Homosexuals are stoned to the death here, without a shadow of a doubt.

5. Mauritania

If you are a non Muslim homosexual, there’s nothing you have to worry about. But if so, you can end up being stoned to the death.

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4. Afghanistan

Sharia laws again – without any possibility of acquittal, homosexuals are killed.

3. Nigeria

Where Sharia is in force, everyone has to go to prison for being guilty and their punishment will be the final one.

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2. Saudi Arabia

I don’t think anyone would be surprised the Saudi Arabia is on the list. What gay travelers can get for being gay? The first sentence is  100 whips or 1 year in prison, but according to the Sharia, these people have to face with the capital punishment.

1. Iran

Iran is on the top on the list of the 10 most dangerous countries for gay travelers, as being caught acts like this means the sure death.

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