10 Most Educated Countries in Africa

Just because Africa is not as developed as the rest of the world and we consider it one of the places with the lowest range of educated people, the reality is a bit different and there actually are countries that pay a lot of intention on education systems and I have 10 most educated countries in Africa to prove it!

Knowledge is power! It makes an individual the person he/she is. It gives them a better perspective and gives them a place to grow. Education is one of the most eloquent components of every person’s development, especially in the early age. The sooner a person meets the books and science, the quicker and greater the development is. We are born only with instincts to survive. Everything else is up to our parents, society, and us. The problem appears when our parents and society don’t make any steps toward the growth of our well-being and don’t teach us to do it. And the truth is that a man is supposed to be learning as long as he lives. There will always be things that he missed to learn in his life and there would be many inventions during his life that he needs to be taught.


Pixabay/Public Domain

But education is not only important to individuals. The results of individuals are directly affecting the whole country. The more educated people live in one country, the more inspired people live in one country, the quicker growth will country have, especially economically, which is something that each government pays the most attention to.

We are taught that Africa is very poor and underdeveloped country. We are taught that the rate of the death caused by starvation is the highest in Africa, the rate of people infected with HIV as well, that the children are living on the street and eat one piece of bread per a week. And it is true in some parts. But Africa isn’t small continent. Besides those countries that nearly put the ends, some African countries have enough resources to provide the great education to their residents. What countries are we talking about? Those are the countries that have the larger number of educated people, countries with the greatest GER (Gross Enrollment Ratio) for the tertiary level of education and the rate of literacy. And the results are here: read the 10 most educated countries in Africa.

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