10 Most Ethical Companies In The US

What are 10 most ethical companies in the US and what have they done to earn this title?

It seems like we completely forgot all the moral values. Actually, moral values have been changed through the time and it is like we are not able to catch it all up. When you think about it, one of the stories in Bible says about 10 rules that we need to follow in life, 10 deadly sins. Those are not some special rules that were made up and should be followed only by religious fanatics, but the moral values that should be respected by every person in the world.
But how does one company becomes considered as the most ethical company? What do they do?


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According to the International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, ethics in business is important in both global and superlative matter. One of the major reasons why these 10 most ethical companies in the US are keeping their business straight is the lawsuits that are more frequent each day. Professionals get sued for multiple reasons, simply because of client’s dissatisfaction, but being sued by one or multiple employees is really hard to deal with.

Groups that are usually the ones standing behind those lawsuits are the ones considering themselves socially endangered or discriminated. Naturally, those are usually women and skin-colored people.

If you have ever been somewhere near meeting with some company’s management team, you would see how they might pick best candidates for the job. For some reason, many employers are stuck in the last century, when the jobs were not unisex and everyone knew their place. Women were either housewives or cashiers and teachers. Some of them were big names in the fashion and movie industry but it was also overruled by men.

Today, there are many women working in some higher positions such as lawyers, surgeons, governors, and they even have high positions in the military. Women are not as weak gender as they were. But even though they are constantly fighting for equality, the real fact is that they do not enjoy it in every aspect of their lives. There are a lot of companies around the world that still give the advantage to men or give them the higher salary for the same job.
On the other hand, there are many women overreacting in this matter and sometimes it is too hard to make the real difference.

But let’s see the list of 10 most ethical companies in the US and see what ranked them this high.

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