10 Most Famous American and Russian Spies During the Cold War

These 10 most famous American and Russian spies during the Cold War were believed to be feeding their country with the information from the another side in some period during those 50 years. The interesting thing is that the Cold War, even though marked as the very important era and many times the excuse of the lack of the country’s development, wasn’t the real war at all. It was just the US and Russia threatening to each other and spying on each other for about 50 years until they just gave up on each other. And the whole fight was because of their belief in communism and capitalism. While the US was always the biggest supporter of the capitalism, the Soviet Union and the Balkan believed that the communism will get them further and improve the economy and government’s status in general. They both ran their countries with their own different beliefs without influencing each other, but for some reason felt like the other one was standing on its way.

Pixabay/Public Domain

But even though they didn’t take any actions during this period, it doesn’t mean that the spies left something unrevealed. The US was especially intimidated by the former Soviet Union, during the period from 1920 until late 1950. Since the Soviet Union didn’t seem like a joke at that time, the US government was convinced that they are sending their spies in order to find out their moves and weakness to know where would be best to attack. The truth is, the Soviet Union did send their spies to the US, but not in order to make the best tactic for the attack, but to know the secrets of the US and find out if it is going to attack soon. The problem was that the paranoia of the US government was developed so bad that they started doubting in everyone. This led to even some civilians being accused and even arrested, just in case.

The Russian spy who made the biggest damage to the US military was their own citizen, John Antony Walker. He operated as a spy for 18 years during which time he unrevealed the locations and the operational plans of the US submarine. His career ended when his own wife turned back on him and reported him to the authorities.

On the other hand, the US didn’t remain indebted to Russia and had their own people under cover. So who were those 10 most famous American and Russian spies during Cold War and how did they operate?

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