10 Most Gay Friendly Cities in the US

If you are open-minded, or involved, we recommend you to read the compilation of the  most gay friendly cities in the US, published by Insider Monkey. Except for the ancient Greece, homosexuals have never been in an easy situation, as people have never been tolerate towards being different. The ancient Greek army mainly included gay people, and the army promoted itself “join the army, and bring your lover, too!”. But later on, throughout the whole history of mankind, homosexuality was a hated thing, and was to be persecuted. One of the main reasons was the religion. Almost all of the major religions have rejected homosexuality especially the two largest ones: Christianity and Islam.

But in the recent decades things have changed. Thirty years ago, coming out to be gay, was equal to the social and professional suicide. Then there happened the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City that is regarded to be the first event for activism and rights for gay civil rights. Until 2003 sexual acts between same sex people was illegal, now even same sex marriage is allowed. Despite the several lots of laws protecting the rights of homosexuals, still there are a lot of backlash they have to cope with, so there are many of them who still beware of coming out.

But now, let’s turn back to the list. We have picked up two cities grom the article, as usual. At first, here is Albany on the seventh spot. As of 2018, 7% of the population identified themselves as LGBT, this number didn’t change in 2019, as the rate was also 7%. Albany, the capital of New York state, has a diverse gay community, and the city also offers gay friendly night life, restaurants nad hotels. Then, here’s Portland on the third spot. As of 2018, 9% of the population identified themselves as LGBT, while in 2019 this rate was only 7%. People in Portland are really open-minded, and the high gay population don’t need to afraid of any kind of discrimination and negative attitudes. For getting more useful and edifying information about the most gay friendly cities in the US, please jump to the link.

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