10 Most Gay Friendly Countries In the World

Today we are going to check out Insider Monkey’s latest compilation about the most gay friendly countries in the world. The LGBT community comprises lesbians, gays, bi-sexual and transgenders, who were hunted for simply being who were born to be. Across centuries they had to disguise who they were, and only the closest family members knew the truth about them. I think it could be a terrible feeling to show themselves a completely other person than were, and living in a life-long lie could lead the distortion of the personality. What’s more, in many countries they were executed for being gay. There are countries where gay people still have to face with long period in prison, or even being put to death. They are mainly Islamic countries, where the Sharia laws make execution possible. But today we have a much more pleasant topic, as we are going to read about countries that top in being tolerant and accepting towards the LGBT communities.


So which are the most gay friendly countries in the world? Let’s see together Insider Monkey’s compilation. We have picked up three countries for this time. At first, on the ninth spot here’s the Netherlands. You may probably have heard how progressive country the Netherlands is. As a matter of fact, there is less than 10% who doesn’t support same sex marriage, which is infinitesimally little amount. Same sex marriage was legalized in 2001 with which the Netherlands was the country in the world to do so. Finland isn’t a surprise also, that is present in this list. Finnish people are very open-minded, and as you can see, Finland overtakes the Netherlands in this compilation, as it stands on the sixth spot. Actually, citizens in Finland support same sex marriage in a very high percentage. Norway stands on the fifth spot, and it’s not surprising, either. Norway was among those countries that passed laws making  illegal discrimination due to sexual orientation. What is sure, if you are involved in this issue, you will be totally accepted in these countries. If you would like to get more useful information about this topic, please skip ahead and click most gay friendly countries in the world.

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