10 Most Hated Companies in America Right Now

Interested in the most hated companies in America right now? Great! Keep reading Insider Monkey’s latest compilation about them. Corporate public relations departments spend their days making sure that a company is viewed as positively as possible and are ready to scramble and take under control any situation that might arise. Managing a company’s reputation has become increasingly more complex in the era of social media and Internet, since the spread of information is instant and reaches millions of people immediately, which makes containing a crisis impossible. So, how businesses react to a backlash and what actions they take to prevent it is more important than ever.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked two of the most hated companies in America right now from their list.

The first one is Fox News, which is part of Twenty-First Century Fox Inc (NYSE:FOXA)’s Fox Entertainment Group, is another big media outlet that a big part of Americans hate. With 12.60 million search results for “hate Fox News” and a bunch of major incidents, it ranks on the fifth spot in our list of 10 most hated companies in America right now. In 2016, late Fox News CEO Roger Ailes resigned amid allegations of sexual misconduct. In 2017, Bill O’Reilly, a major star on Fox News, was revealed to having paid six women $50 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuits. After the reports, Fox News terminated O’Reilly’s employment. Moreover, Fox News is often accused of being a propaganda machine for the right, for the Republican Party and for President Trump. Most recently, Fox News host Tucker Carlson was made fun of online and on late-night television for talking about pandas and how aggressive and “sex-crazed” they actually are. The second company should be Volkswagen. Once a synonym for quality and reliability, Volkswagen quickly became one of the most hated auto makers in the US. There are 7.64 million search results for the phrase “hate Volkswagen”. In September 2015, it was discovered that the company had been cheating at emission tests and its diesel cars actually released more nitrogen oxide gas than reported in testing. The company used programming software that enabled emissions controls only during laboratory testing. The magnitude of the discovery was huge as it affected millions of cars worldwide and not just Volkswagens. Other brands’ diesel vehicles were also tested and discovered to be using similar tricks, which led to more similar scandals.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 most hated companies in America right now.

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