10 Most In Demand Medical Specialties in America

If this is your last year in high school, then it is about time that you start thinking about the next step in your life. If you are into medicine, let’s find out what 10 most in demand medical specialties in America are.

Working in a medical field is very responsible and hardworking but in the same time very rewarding job. I can’t imagine the bigger satisfaction than saving someone else’s life and seeing the gratefulness in their eyes and, most of all, seeing their progress in life and knowing that you are the reason they were able to accomplish something in their life.

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But unfortunately, people lately avoid working in this field and, according to the information found on the Association of American Medical Colleges, there will be between 40,800 and 104,900 fewer physicians in the US by the end of 2030. And why is that? Being a doctor was the biggest honor. Everyone who had this title was considered something big and everyone was able to practice medicine one way or another. Nowadays, doctors are much underestimated. People find them responsible for everything, even losing patients that were lost causes even before they came into the hospitals. Most of the doctors are miracle workers and there are many cases recorded where people lived 15 more years than they should with their conditions, all thanks to the doctor who treated them. But sometimes, even the slightest injury can lead to the worst consequences and people need someone to blame for it. Unfortunately, the first people on the list are usually physicians who made the biggest effort saving their loved ones. This is why doctors are one of the most sued people in the world.

The other factor that makes fewer young people becoming physicians is the long study. To become a surgeon, for example, you will need to study and train for around 10 years. During that time, there are million practical and theoretical exams that you need to pass and, at the end, there is no guarantee that you will find the job. Every specialty is corrupted and so is the medicine. Usually, directors and people on higher positions pull some strings to get a job for someone less qualified for some job, just because they are somehow related. And people who suffer the most because of it are the patients. First of all, they are examined by people who sometimes don’t have a clue of what they were doing. Besides that, the time to schedule the appointment has jumped higher by 30% and you can now end up waiting for almost the whole month before a doctor can see you. Boston is one of the worst cities in this matter because patients can wait up to 52 days to see a doctor for the first time.

This is why some specialties need more physicians in this field and if you are considering medicine, but you are afraid that you will end up working in a coffee shop with your medical degree, check out 10 most in demand medical specialties in America.

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