10 Most Intelligent Presidents in the World: IQ Rankings

Does being one of 10 most intelligent presidents in the world: IQ rankings guarantees the best leadership? Of course not.   Having the good logical thinking doesn’t necessarily mean that someone will improve the status of the country and the citizens.

If not the high IQ, what it takes to be the good leader? Well, first of all, forget about corruption and your personal needs and put the nation at the top of the list of priorities. Of course, each candidate is going to represent himself as the person who will dedicate their whole candidacy to engage the better future for everybody, and it is up to you to decide if he has the right qualities to do this job.

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Look at Barak Obama as the example. He looked like he had it all. He had nice, polite daughters, the admirable wife that was beloved by the whole nation, and the leadership skills that the new president can only envy him for. When the first four years of his leadership expired, there was no doubt that the next presidential elections would be his again. But was he among 10 presidents with the highest IQ? No. But do you know who is? Believe it, or not, even though his companies bankrupted for a few times and he doesn’t seem to be able to say one sentence without taking several breaks, Donald Trump’s has the incredible IQ of 156. And does it seem like the US will have the sparkly future with him as a leader? Well, since he already made several decisions that made the whole nation hate him, we honestly doubt it.

Since he was elected as the president of the United States, he already decided to ban Hispanics and build a wall between Mexico and the US so that he could be sure that no Mexican citizen will ever be able to step a foot into the US. Also, since the elections, it is hard for every person from another country to step into the US, even though he or she had been visiting it for a decade now, and not to even mention getting their citizenship. So why was he even elected as a president, you ask? Well, for the first time in a while, we had two devils to choose from. And since the US already had the unpleasant history with Clinton family, they decided to give it a try with Trump. Not because of his good leadership or pleasant personality, but because of his better leadership and more pleasant personality than Hilary Clinton’s. Speaking of family Clinton, Bill also wasn’t very far behind when it comes to the IQ, with his 148 scored on these tests.

So, the lore of the story is: never judge the president by his IQ. This doesn’t mean that we should from now on give each candidate the IQ test to solve and based on the results, exclude the ones with higher IQ because nothing is either black or white. Let’s see all 10 most intelligent presidents in the world: IQ ranking and prove that the gray zone exist.

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