10 Most Painful Worst Ways To Die

Have you ever thought about the death and what would be the worst way to go? What is the 10 most painful worst way to die in your opinion?

We often hear about some tragedies that involved at least one victim. Most of them are the car crashes, shootings, and, in the last couple of years, terroristic attacks. The families of the people who died this way always think only about the pain their loved ones felt when before they died. They are always comforted by the thought that they went quickly and without any pain. But, sometimes, this isn’t the truth.

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We are all aware of all of these awful things that happen at every corner, but we always believe that this is something that happens, but not to us. Until it does. All of us expect to die at the old age, in our own bed, surrounded by our loved ones and we hope that stories that older people told us about the death are the truth. According to their stories, when someone’s time comes, they feel it. They usually see their dead family members or friends coming for them and they are not scared. They just close their eyes and they are gone. Although death is not that cheerful topic, this actually doesn’t sound that bad, does it? But not every death is that easy.

The news is filled with tragically deaths. Some of the people, although died in a horrible way, died immediately, which is why they probably didn’t feel anything. Sometimes, due to the scare, their heart just stops and they feel nothing happening. They were dead before they even got hurt. But the people who had a stronger hearts weren’t that lucky. They felt their every inch. They felt every beat. They felt every burn. They felt every hit. This really isn’t a pleasant way to go. But it really makes you wonder why do some people commit suicide by, for example, jumping from the building? Although it will lead them to the certain death, they would feel everything the moment their body hits the floor. And, if their goal was to run away from the horrible life, why would they even want a horrible and painful death as well? It seems to me that we would never get the answer to this question and, frankly, I don’t even want to know. It is too depressing. But the truth is, it is our reality. And there are the high chances that you will witness some of these situations at least once in your life.

For some reason, I wandered from the main topic, although this certainly is some important issue to be discussed. But, this isn’t the time for it. So, without any further ado, here is the list of 10 most painful worst ways to die.

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