10 Most Physically Demanding Olympic Sports

When it comes to the Olympic games, you may wonder about the the most physically demanding Olympic sports, so here we present you with Insider Monkey’s latest list about this issue.

The Olimypic games started back in 1896, and there were only nine sports then, including cycling, athletics, fencing, swimming and gymnastics. In the 21th century, in 2020 there will be 33 sports, with five new ones. These five new sports are: karate, baseball/softball, climbing, surfing and skateboarding.

Every time when the Olympics take place millions of people watch them on TV, and what’s more, there are countries, such as France, where watching porn sites dramatically falls back during the Olympic games. But how can we measure the difficulty of a certain sport? Mentally damands don’t necessarily meet physical demands. Some sports need planning, tactics and visualizing the game. So when it comes up to the most mentally demanding sport, chess is usually regarded to be. But if we add physically demands we get fencing instead of chess. While fencing needs strength, agility, durability, it also requires attack planning, and tactics as well.

Now without a further ado, let’s check out the most physically demanding Olympic sports. Could you guess what they are?

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10. Sport climbing

Here’s the first sport on our list now: sport climbing. It’s a pretty new Olympic discipline. The athletes need  agility, endurance and flexibility.

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9. Fencing

If a fencer wants to be really good, then extended hours of practising is needed, with endurance and flexibility. It’s definitely exhausting a sport.  

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8. Tennis

This sport needs great mental practice, strength, speed, and power. That’s why it got place on this list now.


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7. Weightlifting

Weightlifting needs the most power and strength of all. But as other agilities aren’t needed, such as speed, it got the seventh place on our list now.


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6. Water Polo

Water polo stands on the sixth place. It requires managing the ball, game strategy, staying on the water surface and some other things. But let’s be honest, it’s cool to watch them!


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5. Alpine skiing

We are half way through our list of most physically demanding Olympic sports. The fifth place is given to alpine skiing as speed needs to be controlled and good pressure on the body is also inevitable while skiing on the slope.


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4. Wrestling

Wrestling demands lots of abilities, such as power, speed and strength. Telling you the truth, I would’ve put it to the second place, right after boxing. It’s really one of the most exhausting sports.

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3. Football

Football stands on the third place, a team sport which demands the most durability of all the Olimypic sports.


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2. Ice hockey

Ice hockey is a really demanding sport, it doesn’t fit or anyone. If you want to pursue this sport, you need to be strong, durable and fast.


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1. Boxing

We are here at very first place now, at it’s given to boxing. It needs the most mental preparation, agility, strength,  endurance, and speed. You wouldn’t think that how long three minutes can be, it seems extremely long when you fight a good opponent.

Well, this was our list of the  most physically demanding Olympic sport. Which one do you like to watch the most, and why?

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