10 Most Powerful and Influential Companies In America

What are the most powerful and influential companies in America and what are their criteria?

Of course, money is always one of the biggest determinators in this matter. First of all, if company worths a lot, it means that it can have a lot of influence on country’s economy and its development.  So, when you start searching for those companies, you focus on their revenue, profit, net worth and market cap.


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Another criteria for it is a brand value, that affect’s sales, and customer’s demand. The thing is, the more powerful and valuable the brand is, it would be more in demand and it will be gaining more profit. It means that the product will be sold more times and the price could be raised eventually without having any doubts that it will affect the sale in a negative sense. Again, it is going back to money.

There is also the number of employees involved and the connection with politicians. These are all really important parameters when it comes to finding the most powerful and influential companies in America and worldwide.

This really is a big issue. I mean, the whole search takes a lot of time. In case you are interested in this topic, there is a great news for you. Insider Monkey was not as lazy as we are and they looked through the most reliable online sources such as Forbes and found their list of the world’s most valuable brands. The second source was Business Insider where they took a look at their list of most powerful companies in America from 2015 and also the list of 25 companies that are more powerful than many countries that were found on Foreign Policy.

To be honest, if you are an active businessman, this list won’t be that surprising to you. Even for me, who don’t really pay a lot of attention to this topic and really don’t really have some great knowledge in this area, the majority of companies from the list were somehow expected to be found. The thing that I definitely didn’t know for sure was their certain net value and their connections, franchises and assets, which can all be found on Insider Monkey’s list official list. For example, I knew that Time Warner Inc had to be here, but who knew that their market cap is $76 billion? God, I already have a headache just by typing it down. Nevertheless, here is the official Insider Monkey’s list of 10 most powerful and influential companies in America.

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