10 Most Profitable Business Ideas For Nurses

If you have specialized in this field of medicine, but you either can’t find the job in your profession or you simply want to avoid hospitals, Insider Monkey recently discovered 10 most profitable business ideas for nurses that might help you out earn some money and use your degree the best way.

Being a nurse is very difficult. Even though you spent all these years on studying, you are mistreated in hospitals like a person who wasn’t smart enough to finish real medical school. Usually, no one gives a care about your opinion, but just treat you like secretaries who should appoint them to the real doctors or cleaning lady. But we both know that you are so much more than that. Without nurses, none of the medical systems would work right.

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They are there to treat and deal with patients after some procedure and doctors are sometimes only there to give the diagnose to a patient, but everything else is on nurses. But people are undermining nurse’s opinions a lot. That, mixed with the low salary, which is, according to PayScale, somewhere between $45,000 to $86,000, and long working hours made many nurses find jobs aside from any medical institution, but still use the degree they worked so hard for. As the matter affect, these jobs gave them a lot more satisfaction than they had while they worked in hospitals, especially because people they worked for appreciated them more and recommended them to their friends as well. Plus, the working hours are more flexible and they have to deal with one patient at the time.

To find the best and most profitable business ideas for nurses, Insider Monkey research team took a look at several self-employed sites such as Profitable Venture and National Nurses in Business Association that gave them the closer look in each job individually. The ones that showed most potential were placed in the official list of 10 most profitable business ideas for nurses. Those were opening the private nursing service or a child care center, or even maybe in-house nursing service, getting into wellness or in a fertility business, or be a career advisor. They also suggested herbal medicine retailing or becoming an esthetician, being in a childbirth business, or even help other nurses by opening their own nursing recruitment agency.

To see the details of how this all works, check out Insider Monkey’s official list of 10 most profitable business ideas for nurses.

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