10 Most Profitable Video Games of All Times

If I have decided to become a video game developer, my parents would tell me that I am wasting my time and life and to stop messing around. I wasn’t ever interested in this area so I didn’t get this lecture, but if I did, I would now show them the amount of money that the developers of 10 most profitable video games of all time earned.

Along with the technology innovations, the quality of video games rises. When we were kids, Tetris was a high-tech, but if you would give it to 8-year-old living in 2017 he would have put it in a museum of technology as an ancient device. Just kidding, Tetris is still a trend and will always be the trend among both kids and adults. According to a research done by Insider Monkey, since the release in 1984 until today, the Tetris company sold over 495 million copies.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Since the video games taste depends on the person’s age, expectations, and interests, big video games companies are launching all kinds of different games each year on the market and, depending on the reviews, spend the most time advancing the ones that already have the highest number of players.

According to the information found on SuperData, the digital games market reached the value of $91 billion last year of which $41 billion came from mobile games. The other money resources came from PC games download and original games for digital consoles, that are still widely spread worldwide thanks to the HD extra-large TV screens.

How do these companies earn so high revenue? First of all by launching some great hits like Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and League of Legends, but also by gaining the investors who appreciated the business model’s change into online ad micro-transactions games, which allows users the easier access to the new game content that automatically boosts company’s revenue. Besides that, each game company allows advertisers to join them in exchange for some benefits that always include money and, people who want to advertise always run for the most downloaded games with the best revenues. So, one way or another, the game won’t meet a success if the initial idea of the gamer’s experience isn’t reaching consumer’s expectations.

So which video games managed to please the most consumers and gained the highest revenues ever recorded in the world and with between 25 million and 495 million registered users? Click on the link and you will find out what 10 most profitable video games of all time are.

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