10 Most Racist Countries in Asia

Areas where white people live are not the only ones struggling with racism. These are 10 most racist countries in Asia that will prove the point.

Racism isn’t something that we are born with. It is something that our surrounding teaches us. It teaches us that one race is better than the others and, even if someone is better than us in some area, we still think that we are on a higher position just based on the color of our skin. It is unfair and makes no sense but it is the way this world works.


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Experience teaches us that white people are some kind of elite race, while the Asians are too smart for everyone. Throughout the whole history, black people suffered the most damage in this matter.

They were slaves for centuries and, even now, they don’t always get the same treatment like others. They still don’t get the jobs even if they have a better resume than other candidates. They are still back in line when something important is happening. They are the last in line when the government is helping the residents, except when the elections are on. During that time, they are the main target that everyone is helping out. And when some company wants to bring the rating up. They are more respectful if there are differences among employees.

And the worst thing they face is having their children avoided by others. Have you ever noticed how many kids like to hang out with black children? Not because of their color but their behavior. At the end, their parents are the ones forbidding it and teaching them that those children are a bad influence etc. And it isn’t their fault they were born this way. After all, it isn’t anything bad, but the majority of people are acting like it is.

On the other hand, many anthropologists and genetics agreed that the biological race doesn’t exist. The only difference between us is the pigment. And, if you would take a closer look, you would realize that they are right. First of all, our constitution is the same. And even when you take 10 white persons, you will realize that not everyone has the same skin color. Some of them are extremely pale, some of them are mostly red, while some of them have either darker or yellow skin.

White people are not the only one having these ridiculous conclusions. Here are 10 most racist countries in Asia to see.

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