10 Most Respected Medical Specialties Among Doctors

Doctors are people too and they also tend to undermine people that do the less job than they do or have the lower degree. But there are 10 most respected medical specialties among doctors that put a new light to the whole situation.

Have you ever noticed how different medical departments tend to trash talk other ones? If I got it right, the worst kind of doctors when it comes to the trash talking are surgeons. Since they had to spend that many years in school and that many hours in OR just observing and taking notes without even touching a scalpel, they tend to see themselves as medical Gods and think that no one is better than them.

Pixabay/Public Domain

But if you would take a closer look, you would realize that each medical field has its purpose and it is the very important part of the puzzle. Even the cleaning ladies. They are replaceable, but their job is still very important because hospitals need to be the cleanest places on Earth. Although, not every hospital respects this rule, but let’s leave it for some other time.

As I said, every doctor is special and needed in hospital. If just one specialty would be shut down, the whole hierarchy would fall apart. For example, doctors see the general medicine doctors as the ones that occasionally deal with some cough and don’t need to know anything besides that. The truth is, doctors of general medicine need to have the knowledge in every field and has to be able to recognize all the symptoms patient has in order to see if he or she only needs some medicine or it is the more serious case that requires seeing some other specialists. He is the first person the patient meets when he comes into doctor’s office and the one that has to find out literally everything about the patient before he decides what to do next. This means that he has to know the whole family history, the nutrition habits and the last meals patient had before he came in, if the patient is a smoker or a drunk (and most of the patients try to hide this fact), to make them confess everything they have been doing in the last couple of years, and every symptom, even though patient didn’t think it is important at the beginning. But still, although others depend on them, doctors of general medicine don’t enjoy that big of respect among their colleagues. And who does? Doctors who work in these 10 most respected medical specialties among doctors.

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