10 Most Respected Medical Specialties Among Doctors

What are the most respected medical specialties among doctors? So you have just decided to enroll into a medical school and now you are wondering where to go. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find some useful suggestions about this topic. In their article you can read which specialties are the most respected, so you can use the article as a guide.

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It is very important to choose the best school for yourself, as it will influence the quality of education, your future career – and of course your overall educational experience. Before choosing a school you should decide the specialty. What are you interested in? Can you see yourself as a surgeon while operating others? Or would you like to deal with children? Fortunately there are lots of specialties to choose from in the health industry, but if you know in advance what you want to be – it can help you during those times and long period when you have to learn a lot. If you choose a specialty that is highly respected you can earn enough money to repay your student debt, but you can still have a normal living standard. Doctors respect others’ professional opinion but there are doctors that have higher respect from others. It would be fantastic to be one of them, wouldn’t it?

In order to make their list, Insider Monkey has consulted studies like med students specialties’ choices, medical prestige specialties, on National Library of Medicine, and they investigated doctor’s lifestyles in general on MedScape. We have picked three specialties from Insider Monkey’s list: radiology, dermatology and pediatrician.

Radiology is a specialty that everyone needs to face at least once in their lives. There are three main subspecialties in radiology: interventional radiology, radiation oncology, and diagnostic radiology. Radiology is used in many ways so there are plenty of subspecialties to choose from. After finishing medical school, the radiology residency lasts for four years. The next one is dermatology. Dermatologists treat conditions related to the skin, mucous membranes (lining inside the mouth, eyelids and nose), nails and hair. When you have graduated from medical school you will have to fulfill at least 3 to 4 years of residency if you want to be a radiologist. At last but not least we mention pediatrician. This specialty is one of the hardest ones because you need to face with lots of ill children, and young babies can’t tell you what the problem is, so diagnosing is extremely difficult. What’s more when you treat a child you have to deal with the worrying parents, too, which makes things more difficult especially you have to deliver them bad news. After graduating you will have to complete at least three years of residency, and if you want to specialize, you will need at least another two years of residency before being certified.

For any further interesting information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the most respected medical specialties among doctors.

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