10 Most Ridiculous Laws in Texas

And just when you thought that Texas can’t be a bigger joke, Insider Monkey published the list of 10 most ridiculous laws in Texas.

Let’s face it, as soon as someone mentioned Texas, all of us automatically think of Western movies, cowboys, deserts, and, of course, Lucky Luke.

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Texas has always been some way of a joke. Don’t jump off your horses immediately! No one is trying to offend your country. Although, the ridiculous laws in Texas really is a subject for making a 1:25 sitcom.

For example, sex really isn’t that big of a taboo subject, at least in the most parts of the world. Buying condoms is the completely common thing and you can easily put four packs of condoms in your shop cart next to the bread and chocolate milk and be sure that there is nothing that you should be ashamed of. But not just condoms. It is completely normal for both female and male population to buy sex toys and even carry some of them in their purse when they go out of the house.
Texas is no different. There is sexual freedom abundance and every adult resident is allowed to play with sex toys alone or with others, as long as the other person is not a minor and agrees to the game without any pressure. But the thing that you should pay attention to if you are living in Texas or plan or moving to it or at least visiting. As a resident of Texas, you can proudly have a collection of different dildos, all suitable for different mood and occasion. As long as there are 5 dildos tops. Not kidding. By the law (Chapter 43 Public Indecency, Subchapter B Obscenity § 43.21) you can be charged with a felony for promoting or owning up to six dildos! On the other hand, if you send one as a gift to someone or just throw it away, you can make the bouquets out of the rest of them and carry it as a promoting material without any legal issue.
So, in case you are a dildo person, try avoiding Texas if you can. On the other hand, if you are able to replace the sixth dildo with something else such as handcuffs, sex-swing,  whip, or whichever other fetishes you have, you are completely clean in the eyes of law.

Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Let’s see than the rest of this entertaining list of 10 most ridiculous laws in Texas and have a little more laugh.

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