10 Most Sexually Active Cities in India

If you thought that India is a rural place where people are always hidden behind clothes and are not really that much into sex and relations, here are 10 most sexually active cities in India to convince you the opposite.

When I was in high school, we often had organizations coming to our classes and teaching us about sex. Unfortunately, it was only once or twice in a few months, but at least we managed to learn more things than we would hear from our parents. For some reason, many parents believe that talking about sex is still taboo and very inappropriate topic between parents and children and they don’t really understand how big mistake they make.


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That is an issue especially present with single parents raising the child of the opposite sex. Mothers are ashamed of talking with their little boys about this topic, while fathers believe that their little girls will always remain kids, even when they are 30 years old and have children of their own. That wouldn’t be such a big issue if kids would have anyone else to discuss this topic. Instead, they are learning things from people who are not always capable of teaching them responsibilities and feelings during the intercourse.

Since we are living in the 21st century, it doesn’t present such a big issue. But imagine our grandparents that didn’t have any clue of what they are going into and how should some stuff be done. On the other hand, our kids are exposed to many sicker things related to sex that we are aware. Instead of teaching them how to love each other and that the passion is only one part of the love, they are taught that the sex is more important than anything, especially when they are young.

The biggest problem that we are facing because of this misbelief is unwanted pregnancies that are more frequent than ever. Even though we have so many ways to prevent that, young people are always led by that old one ‘that won’t happen to me’. 9 months later, they are preparing cribs and strollers for their newborns. Or they are giving those kids for adoption.

Because of the unsafe sex, there is a higher percentage of STDs in many countries, including India, believe it or not. But pregnancies and STDs are not the only criteria for creating this list. There is also the percentage of porn watchers and surveys to be included.

So let’s check out 10 most sexually active cities in India.

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