10 Most Sexually Active Countries in Africa

Whether it is because of the lack of money which automatically means the lack of ability to buy preservatives or because they just love children, countries in Afrika are one of the countries with the biggest population in the world and these are 10 most sexually active countries in Africa.

Let’s be real, we all enjoy sex. Not with everyone, of course, but it is a great part of your lives, especially the love life.


Pixabay/Public Domain

I don’t remember how long ago I read an article regarding the rules about the sexual activity at the beginning of the 20th century.
It was something about the rules for women and it claimed that women should never enjoy sex. I don’t get why is that but they were taught that the sex was dirty activity and it was only important because of making their husbands happy and getting children. But enjoying sex was considered to be shame and women never talked about it.

Luckily, we don’t live in those times anymore and we are able to openly enjoy and talk about sex with our friends. We are even allowed to admit on the Internet that we enjoy in sexual activities and don’t regret it ever. Sure, we should pay attention to our language and the expressions but we don’t need to lie to everyone that we are still virgins and that we believe that sex is one of the worst things that exist.

Each country in the world claims that we should have as many children as we can and many of them are offering financial help in every sense for people who have children but don’t have enough money to support them. Except for China. Couples are allowed to have only one child there and it is no wonder since there are too many Chinese people.

African countries are not that far away from China. There are too many people and too many hungry children because of inability to have the proper health system. Besides, many of countries in Africa are too poor and their citizens struggle every day to survive but, unfortunately, the chances of success are not always too high. Nevertheless, we don’t talk today about the negative effects of their sexual activities but the countries with the highest percentage of the sexually active residents. So let’s check out Insider Monkey’s article regarding this topic: 10 most sexually active countries in Africa.

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