10 Most Sexually Diseased States in America

Sexual freedom brings a relief but the risk of the SDTs as well. America is a real proof of it and these are 10 most sexually diseased states in America.

I was born in the era when talking about sex isn’t taboo. We can openly buy condoms in stores or pharmacist, we can say it out loud that we are consuming sex, we can have one-night-stands without having to be embarrassed about it. Couples start living together before they get married and no one is pointing fingers and thinking whether they are doing something or not.

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However, there are two sides to every story. Sexually active people should be afraid of two things that can happen no matter how careful we think we are: unwanted pregnancies and sexually transferred diseases.

Each year more and more unwanted pregnancies are recorded in almost every country in the world. Most of them are recorded among teenagers that got pregnant during sexual intercourse under the influence of alcohol. This brought up new issues: increased number of abortions and increased number of children in foster homes. You always need to keep in mind that, even though you weren’t ready for the baby which is why you left it with strangers who can take care of them, it doesn’t mean that they will be happy and be taken cared of. Forster homes have too many children and, unlike real families where everyone has their eyes on a new baby, people working in foster homes can’t look only at that one baby, which is why the child might grow up feeling left behind.

The second issue that I mention is even bigger than unwanted pregnancies. Those are STDs. Most people find condoms very expensive so they get into bed with someone without any protection. Since the majority of people only care about not having a baby with someone who they aren’t in a serious relationship with, they rely on their sense for finishing the job before the man finishes and on pills. But none of these solutions are helping when it comes to STDs and that is a more serious problem than raising a baby. Many of them are impossible to be treated and all of them destroy your life at the end.

Today, we are going to see where is the problem regarding STDs the most frequent. See the Insider Monkey’s research article: 10 most sexually diseased states in America.

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