10 Most Successful Yoga Teachers in the World

Since people became more enthusiastic about yoga and meditation, we decided to found out who 10 most successful yoga teachers in the world

Lately, people became more aware of the whole spiritual concept. Since we are always in some rush, our brain became more obsessed and under the pressure, which influences our mental and physical health and makes us age too quickly.

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Fortunately, with joined strengths, we found ways to make ourselves young and vital again. First of all, there is meditation with or without relaxing music. Some people prefer meditating in quiet. Although there is a belief that you have to sit straight with your legs crossed and join your thumb and the middle finger while mumbling, this actually isn’t that necessary. In my personal experience documentable with some scientific facts, it is enough to throw everyone out, lock the door, and choose whether you want to sit in your most comfortable chair, lie down on the ground, spread on your bed, or sit like you are supposed to, at least according to pictures you can find online. Listen to your favorite music or just sit in quiet for at least an hour per a day. Believe me, you will feel the change immediately.

But some people, like me for example, have trouble being without any movement for the entire hour. For people like me, the best way to release all the pressure is to put a pressure on exercising. I personally prefer jogging, but sometimes it is a lot more activity than expected and that I can handle, which is why yoga is a much better solution to this problem. If doing it properly, you will heal your whole body in no time. Yoga is the perfect combination of spiritual, physical, and mental aspects of the person and it represents a lot more than pure physical exercise. There are three different kinds of yoga: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Hatha, and, although completely different in some aspects, the results are the same. You can find many free online tutorials held by professional yoga instructors or buy books where all exercises are explained in the smallest details, or, even better, you can hire the personal, well experienced and respected yoga instructor to help you out, at least for the beginning. Most of them are offering free courses in the open field from time to time in order to attract more visitors and new yoga lovers, but this is only for a day or two, and, although you can feel some difference in these first two days, your body won’t be recovered that quick.

So, if you are interested, as I promised at the beginning, there is the article on Insider Monkey’s website about 10 most successful yoga teachers in the world. So check their list out and maybe even try out some of these teachers and get to know what is the secret of the better life.

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