10 Most Unfriendly Countries in the World in 2019

If you are planning your vacation either for the beginning of the next year, or later, you need to know about the most unfriendly countries in the world in 2019.

There are beautiful and friendly countries, where it’s a real pleasure to spend your holiday; and there are countries that are wonderful concerning the sights, culture and nature, but still they are very dangerous. These countries are not recommended to visit, if you don’t want to risk your life. Now we aren’t speaking about dangers you face with in busy cities, such as pickpockets, or burglars. We mean to write a list about the risks of terrorist attacks, lack of human rights, illegal imprisonments, robbers, armed threatings.

You will see the countries we are speaking now are in Africa, or in the Middle East, which may not be surprising. The absolutely first place is given to North Korea, as usual, partly because human rights are trodden down here. Unfortunately your life can be dangered in all the countries throughout the whole world, even in the safest country, if you are not careful. Therefore while planning your next holiday and searching a vacation spot, you need to check out the economic state of the country, as well as it’s safe for tourists or not. It’s also worth checking out forums where others share their experiences about a certain country. If you read negative feedbacks and stories then you should change your mind related to the given country. We have already published several articles about human trafficking, which occurs in larger numbers in these countries, as the government can’t or doesn’t want to police the country.

Now, we don’t have anything to do left, but to present you with the list of the most unfriendly countries in 2019 looks like. You can check if your next vacation spot is among these countries.

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10. Pakistan

The first country on our list now is Pakistan, because there are high risks of terrorism, and crime. You should think twice to go there.

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9. Libya

As terrirst attacks happen in this country, it’s higly recommended to avoid it.


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8. Kuwait

Kuwait is regarded to be one of the unfriendliest countries in the world, because of their bad infrastructures (as their government states), but what is true you should avoid this country, too.


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7. Iraq

Iraq has got the seventh place on this list. It’s not unwise to visit this country, nevertheless there are some who don’t take this advice, and do go there, you can see reports from their journey on Insider Monkey’s list.

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6. The Central African Republic

Here’s the first African country, The Central African Republic. People are threatened by armed rebel groups, therefore you shouldn’t visit it.


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5. Afghanistan

We are half way on our list of the most unfriendly countries in 2019. The next country is Afghanistan. It’s highley recommended to avoid this country, too as it’s still unsafe.


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4. Syria

Syria may have several nice sights to see, but surely it’s unsafe. Since 2011 there has been a war, therefore you should really avoid it.


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3. South Sudan

I’m afraid it wouldn’t be a good idea to have a journey to South Sudan, as there are threats of rapings, assaults, robberies and shooting. I think nobody would want to find themselves in the middle of life-threatening situations.


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2. Somalia

Every horrible acts can be found here, from kidnapping to terrorist attacks, really everything. That’s why Somali has got the second place on our list now.

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1. North Korea

I firmly believe this country being on the first place is not surprising for anyone. This country treads down everyting concerning human rights. This was our list of the  most unfriendly countries in the world in 2019, which country have you ever visited?

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