10 Most Xenophobic Countries in Europe

If you were misled for your whole life that Europe is the most developed and emancipated continent in the world, here are 10 most xenophobic countries in Europe to prove you wrong.

Although the western part of Europe really keeps up with the time and is even ahead of the time, not every country in the rest of the continent can brag with being as well developed in the technological, economic, and social matter.

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Being transgender in Norway during the 1920s was nothing special and 2 decades earlier, in 1897, German physician and sexologist became the creator of the first gay/lesbian/transgender organization in the history.

But, as it turned out, our European ancestors were more tolerant back then than we are nowadays. They were very open-minded and never cared about who loves who, who came from where etc.

But the history taught European people that they need to take one step back when it comes to accepting every foreign citizen that takes a step across the border. First of all, Europe was the host of many wars in which the other leaders and countries wanted to conquer them. But although it was a century ago, it never stopped. Back in 2015 Paris was attacked multiple times by ISIS, and not to even talk about sexual assaults committed by immigrants in Germany on New Year’s Eve 2016.

So, that left Europeans with being more primitive in the matter of accepting foreigners, but even more precautions. Nobody wants some intruder taking away their inheritance and freedom, especially not the lives of their beloved ones. Looking at it in this sense, it turns out that European people are more afraid that primitive.

The interesting thing is that, even though France and Germany belong to the Western Europe that we already mentioned as being the most developed part of Europe in technological, economic, and social matter, they were, because of the misluck they had two years ago with immigrants, two out of 10 most xenophobic  countries in Europe.

Not that surprisingly, the other countries that belong to the list of 10 most xenophobic countries in Europe are the Eastern countries, the ones really close to the Ural mountain, the border of the European and Asian continent. The interesting thing is that not all of those countries are racists as well. For example, most Chinese people found their homes and businesses here. But it is even struggling for them sometimes.
So let’s see statistics about 10 most xenophobic countries in Europe.

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