10 New Trending Business Ideas for Beginners

This time we have brought a hot list of  10 new trending business ideas for beginners from Insider Monkey’s site. The have a great research work, as usual. Nowadays we have to face tough times, and it’s especially true if we think of the COVID-19 pandemia. Hundreds of millions of people had to saty at home, many of them lost their jobs. Many of them could work from home, but yet – they needed the regular things in their house, as usual: food, toilettries, animal food, clothes, and so on. Therefore those companies that could sell their products or their head-work online, they could make profit.

If you are ready to change your workplace and working hours, then we can recommend you some great possibilities what business to start. Being independent is one of the greatest thing in the world. Once you have tried how good is to be your own boss, you will always seek the opportunities to have an own business.

I have had my own business for 20 years, and I have never regretted it. Although I work a lot, but it’s me who decides what and when to work. If you are creative and you aren’t afraid of challenges – this is your best way!

Now, without a futher a ado, let’s check out what opportunities you can choose among. Here is the list of 10 new trending business ideas for beginners.

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10. Instagram consulting

Instagram appeared something very similar to other social media, but nowadays the situation is quite different. It has become a rather powerful tool. Therefore you can use your skill as Instagram consultant.

9. Selfie drones

When selfies appeared on the internet, many of us just laughed at it. But when some people began to earn lots of money with them, the others started to learn the skill. Tha latest crazy idea is selfie drones, and it has become very popular.  The selfie drones business is expected to earn some $127 billion by 2020.

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8. SEO consultant

There are more and more SEO consultant needed, as every company struggles to get into the first Google search page. However, it also depends a lot on the SEO words inserted. Hiring an SEO expert can be the best decision one has ever made business wise.

7. Matcha tea

Matcha tea has become a very popular article by now. You can see lots of recipes, for not only making tea, but making cake or pasta with it. It’s worth starting it, as a business idea.

6. Beard oil

BEard oil is a new idea for making business for beginners. A decade ago, thousands of megn had beard, but they didn’t deal with its look. Nowadays men are not only dress conscious, but they pay attention their beard’s look as well. Therefore beard oil is an excellent business idea.

5. Bamboo toothbrushis 

We are half way on our list of new trending business ideas for beginners. Young people tend to be very environment conscious, so recycling is an everíday issue nowadays.

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4. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is a simple way of earning money, but at the beginning you need some patience while your clients find you. There are sites where you can search jobs for you.

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3. Resume writer

Resume writing is an often wanted job, and it’s another writing skill, but it can be developed very quickly and easily. If you have already helped your friends to write their resume, then you are the person, who can write other’s too. You don’t need to invest anything, all you need is a laptop and internet. Sounds good, right?

2. Mobile consulting

Believe it or not, it’s a real job, lots of companies need the cheapest mobile options, so if you are a person whom your friends like to turn to in order to ask for some good advice – this job is really for you!

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1. Cooking classes

This is the best idea ever, I think! That’s why it got the first place on our list of 10 new trending business ideas for beginners. You don’t need anything else, just a corner in your kitchen – and voilá! – you can hold cokking classes! Nowadays more and more people want to learn cooking, or baking – and if you think of this pandemia happened this year, it will be more and more popular, too! So, get your apron and wooden spoon, and teach cooking online!

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