10 NJ Towns with Direct Train to NYC and Best Schools

So you are planning to settle down somewhere outside the busy city, but need good cennection and excellent schools – then here’s Insider Monkey’s latest list of  NJ towns with direct train to NYC and best schools.

It always needs a lot of circumspections if you want to settle down somewhere outside the city. It’s especially true if you have a family. You need good schools, kindergartens, surgeries, shops in the neighborhood; you want to improve your children, you plan to give them every necessary opportunity to develop their abilites. But yet, you want to live in a peaceful and quiet town, where your children can ride a bike in the street in front of your house; you can have pets, you can have a nice walk with your family and the family dog in the evenings; but also the town has good connections to the City. Now, we have come up with a list of ten towns where you can have all the possibilites you need, so don’t go anywhere, just lean back in your armchair comfortably and read Insider Monkey’s list with us.

To tell you the truth I can tell only advantages of living in the suburb. I am a mother of three, and we moved to the outskirt of the capital. The connection is extremely good, we can reach everything by rail which is the fastest, even faster than going by car. There are lots of possibilites to improve my children: there is a swimming pool,where they can learn to swim, lots of courses for them, music school and very good primary schools. We have a dog and a cat, and we don’t have to worry about them, when they are outside in the garden. We walk every afternoon with the children, we can say we have a very good family life. The surgery can be reached in ten minutes’ even on foot. The local library is excellent, and there are lots of programs for the children there. We couldn’t wish anything more.

If you are planning something else too, don’t hesitate but check out the ten town we have selected for you now from the list of NJ towns with direct train to NYC and best schools, then watch them on the map and discover them one by one! I’m absoutely sure you will find a suitable and nice town for you anf for your children.

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10. River Edge

It’s the first nice, peacful and kind town on our list, suitable for family life. But the taxes are rather high here, as it’s very close to New York City. Nevertheless it offers good schools, excellent connection to city, so if you settle down here, you will be satisfied.

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9. New Providence

It’s not a very big town, with its 12,000 inhabitants, therefore it’s very suitable for families. Check it out, and you will be satisfied with this kind town.

8. East Brunswick

Its population is around 48,600 inhabitants, so it offers more than the next towns. It got lots of recommendations,and those who settled down with their family here, didn’t regret it.

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7. Chatham

Chatham has got the 7th place on our list now,  with its 10,000 citizens, but we must tell you it’s pretty expensive to live here.


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6. Glen Ridge

This is a really small, and kind town with its  7,600 inhabitants, but with excellent schools and connection to the city. Who would want better?


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5. Tenafly

We are half way on our list of NJ towns with direct train to NYC and best schools. The next one is Tenafly. All the schools in this town are highly ranked, such as Tenafly High School. It’s a really good town to live in.

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4. Summit

This town has a population of about 21,000, so the quiet family life is ensured here. Good schools, direct trains to city, what else would anyone want?

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3. Ridgewood

In Ridgewood you can find several  highly ranked schools, such as Orchard Elementary School, Travell Elementary School, Hawes Elementary School and Ridgewood High School. There are direct trains to NYC, so you can enjoy the best education with the peacefulness of this nice town.

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2. Short Hills

Short Hills has about 13,000 citizens, so if you search peace and quiet family life, this town can be the perfect choice for you! In New Jersey this town is one of the bests to raise a family.

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1. Montclair

Monclair has got the first place on the list of NJ towns with direct train to NYC and best schoolswhat’s more it was ranked as number one town with best schools in 2018. If you search a town with good connection to New York City and excellent education – choose Montclair.


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