10 On the Job Training Jobs that Pay Well

If you don’t have any previous experience or skills and you are scared of settling for the jobless life, don’t worry because Insider Monkey recently compiled the list of 10 on the job training jobs that pay well.

What the most of the employers require nowadays isn’t the degree but the proof of the previous experiences. Most of the jobs have specific requirements and one of the most frequently bolded ones is 3-5 years of experience. I get it. No one wants to risk by employing someone that doesn’t know how to do their jobs and can mess up someone’s business, but, how would someone get any experience if no one wants to give them the opportunity to learn?


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It isn’t true that young people don’t have the inspiration or the will to work. They do. But the majority of them were refused so many times that, at the end, they just let it go. Do you know how many applications did I sent before I got my first job? To be honest, I don’t know either. The worst of all was that I never even received the refuse letter. I don’t know whether they even bothered reading my CV.

Just once I received the call from the serious company regarding my application. Later on, I found out that one of my friends got the same call for the same job at the same time. We acted like we didn’t know each other. They were dragging us for long period of time until they stopped calling us at all. Soon, we found out that they scouted the employee from the competition. They offered her the double wage than any of us would receive along with all the benefits that we weren’t even mentioned during our interviews. And why was that? We never had the opportunity to do this kind of job earlier and we were about to learn it. Of course, it would take some time, but it might work out at the end. But the girl who got the job instead had 2 years of experience. Although the company she worked for had different terms and the business plans and she barely fit in, they thought she was more appropriate for the job.

Their company, their call. This is why I now only prefer companies that train their employees before they give them any duty. Who cares that I would practically waste the whole month if I would learn the exact way they were doing the business and get the more money?

Luckily, some professions really require this kind of practice. And, while you are training, you can earn money. Of course, you can’t expect to be the head of the department right away, but it is the start at least. And which are those jobs? Click on 10 on the job training jobs that pay well to find out.

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