10 Online Problem Solving Games for Adults

If you want to challenge your brain a bit, we have 10 online problem-solving games for adults that can help you out with it.

What do you think of when someone says ‘Brain challenging games’’? Among the first things that cross my mind are crosswords, Sudoku, memory puzzles, and my old, but never forgotten Tetris. Speaking of it, am I the only one who tried out every game that was on new Tetris, besides cubes? Because whenever I mention Frog that crosses the street or Formulas, everyone is looking at me like I am insane.

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But, when Insider Monkey recently published a list of online problem-solving games, I imagined games like online Sudoku, matching cubes, those IQ challenges, and some slower strategy games, but I was actually shocked with what I stumbled at. The only one that made a sense at the beginning was SimCity that teaches you how to manage resources and make decisions that will allow further development. The whole point of it is to build the entire city, but not just dropping houses and apartments, but the whole industry and commercial departments as well. You need to manage your whole society to work and develop without bankruptcy and make your residents happy.
They need to have all the supplies at one place, your city has to have open jobs, so all the residents can have a decent salary and attract more people to live in your city, but all of these stores and factories have to help the city’s economy.

This one really made sense, but when I scrolled down, I run into FIFA. Was somebody kidding me? How did FIFA end up here? But there is a perfectly good explanation when you think about it. You have 22 players on the field and all of your online teammates can choose the ones they want to play with. The new FIFA 17 gives you the whole insight in player’s emotions and moves specific for each one of them, which makes it much better than FIFA 08 that I played before. If you have ever played 08, you know that each player had same moves and the only things that made them different from each other were the speed and strength. But with FIFA 2017 you have the impression that you have the control over real people. And how does it help with your brain activity? It is like this. Each team has a coach in a real life, right? His job is to come up with the strategy and, in some way, control his players. Well, now, you will be both coach and a player at the same time. Your job would be to come up with the strategy as a coach, but change the course of a game as a player if you feel that your opponent can actually handle your previous moves. When you put it like this, it actually makes sense why Insider Monkey put it on the list, right? So, next time your wife or your friend’s wife enter a room full of beers and chicken wings, while you all stare at your computers and she suffers the mental breakdown, show her this list and explain that you are not wasting your time on video games and alcohol, but practicing your brain. Show her our list if needed and hope that she will believe you.

On the other hand, if you are not that big of a fan of FIFA or SimCity, as I mentioned Insider Monkey has a list of 10 online problem solving games for adults, so be free to check them out. Trust me, the list will shock you at first, but when you later think about it, all of them are worth trying.

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