10 Professions That Get Sued The Most

Get yourself a pretty good lawyer if you are in some of the 10 professions that get sued the most.

Like the career path, you choose will affect your life financially, mentally, and on the family and social level, it is also affecting you getting a file in the police department and visiting a court from now and then.

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Why is that? Well, people are always expecting the best outcomes and even though they are aware that they have very small chance of success, they usually try to blame their failure on someone else, although that person is only doing his job. Sometimes, even the cases with the best chances fail and, if you have ever watched a medical show, you might notice that people die even after they get admitted for a cough. Later on, when their family realizes that it is all over if they believe that people who are in this field could have saved their loved ones, the hospital or just the specific physician gets the lawsuit within a year.

The majority of professions that get sued the most are in a medical field, mostly because they are responsible for someone else’s life. Even though some people are just not meant to be saved, people look at medical staff as miracle workers, who can make everything better. Sometimes, even the slightest mistake that medical staff makes can be crucial for their patient and that is something that every family is holding for.

Even though they are just following the doctor’s orders, nurses are people who get sued more than you can expect. Their job is giving the medicine and following the patient’s progress and reporting it to the doctor who is treating him. Every decision regarding the medical treatment is on the doctor, but people have a tendency to blame nurses for malpractice.

Anesthesiologists are also on the list even though, again, not everything is their fault. The majority is suing them for errors of medication administration, failure to diagnose and treat the patient right, failure to follow the safety precaution, or the patient suddenly getting some abnormal injury. The truth is, every person reacts differently to medication. The dose of medication is given based on several factors, but sometimes these factors could be misread or the patient is simply the exception from the rule. I am not saying that anesthesiologists don’t make mistakes, but we are all humans and those mistakes don’t necessarily mean that someone’s life is being shut down because of it.

Besides this two, which professions are on the list as well? Check out the list about 10 professions that get sued the most by Insider Monkey and find it out.

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