10 Real Believable Excuses for Missing Work

What are some good real believable excuses for missing work? It is one thing to come up with an excuse before you miss work, it is another thing to make up one afterwards. If your excuse sounds flimsy, your boss may ask for some proof, so you really need to come up with a believable excuse.

Insider Monkey published an article with the title Real Believable Excuses for Missing Work and shared examples of 10 good excuses. Here are some of them:

Death of a family member or friend: If someone in your family or your friend’s family passed away, you can easily prove this to your boss. If not, just find someone who recently died in your neighborhood and tell your boss that it was your best friend’s mom/dad and your friend really needed your support.


Broken/flat tire: If you ever have a flat/broken tire, take a picture of it and you can use it as an excuse as if it happened yesterday.

Pet Illness: If you don’t have a pet, pretend that you have one or you are pet sitting your sister’s pet.

Medical tests: Health related excuses are always good excuses because your boss won’t feel comfortable to ask the details of your illness.

Child Issues: Kids are very difficult to take care, but they are also great sources for excuses for missing work. They can be sick, or they might have problems at school, or you might have problems with your daycare/babysitter.

Jury duty: Nobody will check whether you had jury duty that day. You can just claim that you had to go and wasn’t selected for jury duty.

Home emergency: You can have a broken pipe, carbon monoxide leak, or some other home related emergency to deal with. These are also good excuses.

Diarrhea/Food Poisoning: This is my favorite excuse. You don’t even have to go to the doctor when you have this excuse. You usually can recover in a day or two, so you can use this excuse for missing work for a couple days.

Please share in the comments if you have better ideas/excuses for missing work.

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