10 Simple Chemistry Experiments with Everyday Materials

Are you interested in trying out 10 simple chemistry experiments with everyday materials?

Chemistry is very impressive science because of all the reactions caused by mixing different ingredients. But, the truth is, it can be very dangerous, especially for the ones with the lack of experience in it and the ones that tend to avoid safety measures.

Pixabay/Public Domain

You don’t need to work in some lab to try out different experiments but it is sure better to consult people who already tried some of them out, especially if you are still on the beginners level. Once you master everything that other people have already done and you understood all the reactions and causes, you will be ready to start something on your own.

The experiment that everyone is already familiar with and knows all the damage it can cause but everyone is still over obsessed with it is putting a menthol candy in Coca-Cola. I recently saw a video where a man filled the bathtub with menthol candies, sat into it, and poured several liters of Coca-Cola. Of course, as soon as these two touched, the reaction started and the man started screaming like a woman. Nobody can say that he didn’t know what to expect but, the worse thing is that there will be more people trying even worse things with it.

TV shows related to this kind of experiments don’t have the ‘‘Don’t try this at home’’ announcement for no reason. You can never know what mixing two different things can cause and how big damage you can cause at the end. So why would anyone play with it?

On the other hand, there are many different experiments that are both entertaining and safe enough so that even a child can play with it. But still, the safety equipment and the supervision are always recommended, just in case of something goes wrong.

Most of the experiments from the list are collected from the YouTube and 3P Learning, and all of them can be done in your own home with the substances and materials that every person in the world already owns in his home.

Of course, you always need some jar, glass, or bowl to mix all of these ingredients and not to make a mess, and most of them require some simple, cheap things such as water, soda, vinegar, food color, and sugar/salt. So there is no reason not to immediately try 10 simple chemistry experiments with everyday materials! Take a look at them and enjoy!

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