10 Smartest States in America by SAT Scores

Is there any way to check whether some state in America has more developing potential than the others? To be honest, the equation to get to the solution is very complex but at least there is a starting point: 10 smartest states in America by SAT scores.


Pixabay/Public Domain

Grading is very tricky. Since we are children, we are said that the grades are not the real criteria for the knowledge but, at the same time, everyone is forcing us to have as better grades as we can. Sometimes even better than we actually can.

For example, not everyone can handle math assignments. Sure, we all need to know calculus but do we really need to know everything from the book? How big chances are that we will use any of that in the future. Besides, all of those things are rather complicated, especially for the people who are not into this science as much as some others are. Now, we get to the more tricky part. They are able to learn enough to get the passing grade. But do they really need to be the best, even though they are not capable of truly understanding what is going on on the paper if they are into, I don’t know, maybe literature? So now, a kid who spends his days in his room studying all the time to catch up with everything that has to be known for the best grade in all subjects is somehow better than the kid who is only willing to concentrate on the subject they really like is smarter. Well, guess what? That isn’t the case. The second kid can be a lot smarter and go through life easier than the first one just because he knows what he makes his effort for.

On the other hand, there should always be some parameters since it really isn’t fair to the students who try their best to gain as much knowledge as they can through high school to have the same opportunities as the ones who spend their high school days skipping classes and going to malls and gyms and finish high school without any basic knowledge.

Obviously, there is some benefit from these SATs. Each state in America has their own criteria and the different educational system. So let’s see who does the best job: here are 10 smartest states in America by SAT scores.

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