10 States that have the Highest Rates of Depression in America

Today we are going to have a look at the states that have the highest rates of depression in America, published by Insider Monkey recently. Depression is reported to be one of the most common mental diseases in the world currently. It may be weird, since we could say modern man really has everything to make them happy. We have all the conveniences we can dream of. We have lots of household gadgets to make our life easy. We have comfortable cars and means of transport that take us everywhere fast and snugly. Then we have internet too that helps us to stay connected, and we can chat with our beloved ones whenever we want to.

Yet, depression spreads quickly and we can suspect why. In this rushing world, nobody has time despite we possess all those things that can spare time for us. Everybody is obsessed to be terrible fit and terrible rich, yet there have never been so many overweight people as nowadays. Paradoxically, there are much more depressed people in the welfare states than in the developing countries, or in the third world. According to Insider Monkey’s research, there are about 264 million people suffering from depression across the globe. What’s more, around two-third of them aren’t treated of depression at all, which also results the high rates of suicide all around the world. Depression can have large variety of stages, from mild symptoms to committing suicide.

And now, without a further ado, let’s take a look at what Insider Monkey has investigated for you. We are giving you a short foretaste as usual. The first state here is Colorado that got the eighth spot on the list. 21.5 % of the state population suffers from some kind of mental illness, which is an astonishing rate. What are its reasons? You will get to know when checking out the entire article, but we can mention alcoholism as one of the most common and important reasons. Indiana got the fourth spot, as the rate of mental illness among the population is 22.51%. To get more information, please check out the compilation of the states that have the highest rates of depression in America.

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