10 States That Have The Most Homeschoolers

Homeschooling became very trendy in the last decade and today we are going to cover 10 states that have the most homeschoolers.

During the history, the education has changed for several times. People were taught in their homes by their parents and neighbors, then they had private teachers after that public schools appeared and today no one can track down what is really going on.


Pixabay/Public Domain

Every parent wants what’s best for their child. 50 years ago, the school was an institution that required the high level of respect. Students had to pay attention to class, had to respect their teachers, even cleaned their schoolyards and classrooms. Low grades meant the failure of everyone: teacher, student, and a parent.

Today, the situation has changed. Many teachers started to be afraid of parents who blame them for everything, even when they know that their child is a mess. Even if the 80%  of students have a grade higher than C and their child is in that other 20 %, parents would say that it isn’t their child’s fault, but the teacher hates them. Is it really true? I really don’t think so, since I have finished school just 5 years ago and know how the system works. The truth is that some teachers are suspicious and have a tendency to favorite some students, it doesn’t mean that the whole system is like that.

In my opinion, a school doesn’t exist just to teach children written content from the book. It is there to teach them how to make their life better, how to improve the future for them and the rest of the nation, to help them socialize, in other words, to make real people. However, many parents believe that schools, in general, changed their track and that their children don’t get enough proper education as they were supposed to. They decide that the real answer is homeschooling so they make their children drop out and sit home all day while parents act like teachers with Ph.D. in every subject, even though they couldn’t even remember the author of the book they were supposed to teach their children from.

I just want to know how this really goes. Do their parents give them a chance to cheat on tests? Do they believe their children when they say that a dog eat their homework? The interesting thing to think about in a spare time. But let’s now learn some facts. Here are 10 states that have the most homeschoolers.

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