10 States with Most Snake Bites in America

Keep reading about the states with most snake bites in America. Are you afraid of snakes? Do you live in a place where you don’t have snakes at all? Then, you are lucky. As for me I live in a place where there aren’t snakes at all, and I consider myself very lucky because I am extremely afraid of snakes. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about his topic. According to reports there are about 94,000 deaths that were caused by snakes in the world.

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You should be most careful between April and September when the weather is warmer and most people choose to spend time outdoors and explore beautiful nature around them. The circumstances prior to the snakebites usually involve attempt of handling the snake rather than the reptile’s aggressive behavior.

We have picked three states from Inider Monkey’s list for now: Florida, Virginia and Missisippi. Despite the fact that one-quarter of snake bites occurred in Florida or Texas, rate for total snake bites and venomous snake bites was not the highest. Rate of snake bites per million in Florida is 187.4. Florida is home to 44 non-venomous and 6 venomous snake species. Since snakes are natural predators, they provide an important role in nature’s ecosystem by controlling the population of other animals in the area. Hot and humid weather in Florida is heaven for snakes. The rate of snake bites per million in Virginia is 236.7. Virginia is home to cca. 30 different species of snakes out of which three are venomous. All three belong to the family of pit vipers. Besides being extremely dangerous, pit vipers are also very interesting snakes. They have pit organ (named pit vipers because of it) which allows them to sense infrared radiation from warm bodies of their prey. This basically means that snakes have infrared sight which makes them dangerous during the day and night. Rattlesnakes can sense temperature above 28 degrees Celsius, which is an average temperature of a mouse distanced 1 meter from the snake. Mississippi is largely a rural state, bordering both the sea and the Mississippi River. This makes it a perfect home for a number of land snakes and a variety of amphibious snakes, including the feared Cottonmouth. The rate of snake bites per million in Mississippi is 279.7. Mississippi is home to 49 different species. Mississippi State Department of Health published a brochure about venomous animals of Mississippi, according to which there are 9 venomous snake species.

For any further interesting information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 states with most snake bites in America.

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