10 States With no or Least Poisonous Snakes in America

Since we have already covered topics where we realized that Australia is the country with the most poisonous snakes in the world and covered the 10 most common snakes in America as well as 10 states with the most venomous snakes in America, there is one more thing left to be discovered and that is what 10 states with no or least poisonous snakes in America are. So let’s see what our report has to reveal.

There are 150 different snakes known in America at the moment and only 20 species are venomous as we are aware of. While other countries have some of them crossing the streets on regular basis, venomous snakes in America are in real danger of extinction. Actually, they have already extinct in some of the states, which is why they are caught and held in zoos and other facilities in order to survive.

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It is important to know that there are 4 different kinds of venomous snakes out there and those are 16 different species of rattlesnakes, 2 species of coral snakes, and copperheads and cottonmouths that each count 1 species. Out of all of them, the most venomous are Mojave rattlesnakes that can kill a person in no time if he or she isn’t immediately medically treated because of the high percentage of poison they inject with each bite.

Venomous snakes can often be met in states with, warmer climate, such as Arizona that counts 19 out of 20 different venomous snake species, especially rattlesnakes. Although the Mojave rattlesnakes are one of the species that can be found in Arizona, the specie that mostly inhabits this area and harms the most of the citizens is actually Western diamondback rattlesnake or Texas diamondback snake, that most commonly grow up to 4 ft, but there are also the ones over 6 ft, but they are extremely rare and they most often weight between 4 and 6 lb.

While Arizona is considered to be the most dangerous state with the highest number of poisonous animals, around 30 species, to be exact and even 19 of them are snakes species, there are also states that are inhibited by less than 15 out of 150 different species of snakes and just one of them is venomous. Most usually, the one venomous snake belongs to a family of rattlesnakes but there is also one and only state in whole America that is a homeland of only one snake specie and that one is Thamnophis genus, which is a non-venomous snake. According to our research, this state is the safest state in the whole America by every standard and, if you are willing to find out more details and the names of these specific states, by clicking on the link, you are going to be automatically transferred to 10 states with no or least poisonous  snakes in America.

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