10 States With The Highest HIV Rates in America

What are the 10 states with the highest HIV rates in America?

HIV was a serious disease that has killed millions of people around the world. Although it still is a serious disease that has no cure, pharmaceutical companies found ways to at least prolong people’s lives and give them the opportunity to live as normal as possible.


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According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), there are 1.2 million Americans recorded to be living with the HIV. The biggest problem of them all is that around 12% of people infected with HIV are not even aware of having this virus in their system.

For now, the only way of preventing the disease to spread is by using condoms. But, like most healthy people forget to use the condom from time to time, which is why there is this high rate of unwanted pregnancies, people infected with HIV do too. Sometimes it is because they are not aware of being sick. On the other hand, there is just a negligence involved.

The reason why so many people refuse to get their blood samples done from time to time is initial fear of the results. The second problem to them is that, even though many women in the world are affected with the HIV, people are still considering it the gay disease, which is, for some people, the reason good enough to not pay attention to their health.
Even though they all claim that their health is the most important thing to them, the practice is a bit different from the theory. However, even though our knowledge in HIV and AIDS is wide enough to know that these diseases are spread among both men and women and might have nothing to do with being gay, the truth is that men who sleep with men were still 60% of the infected people with HIV in 2010. The interesting thing is that there was 44% of black people contacted with HIV.

People can get infected through the intercourse or through the blood, which is why each blood sample is deeply checked before the transfusion. Also, drug addicts are highly affected with the HIV because of the changing needles among themselves.
However, even though it can’t be given through a cough or simple breathing, people with HIV are treated like lepers and often avoided by others, instead of helping them to live normal lives.

But people with HIV just learned to live that way. Here are 10 states with the highest HIV rates in America to prove the point.

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