10 States With the Highest Opioid Abuse Rates

They say that what helps you can’t do you harm. But is it really true? Let’s see what harm have 10 states with the highest opioid abuse rates suffered.

When you look at a wider picture, you realize that opioid painkillers are a good thing. They help you release the pain after some bad injury instead of suffering even more. They say that the pain is the most serious disease in the world. Not just that it tortures person until it stops, but it also has a bad influence on the brain. After being for so long under that kind of pressure, the pain starts messing with our brains as well and it damages it a lot.

Pixabay/Public Domain

But people say that those painkillers make their life better and make them feel like they can fly. This is why they started combining them with some more illegal substances and use them as drugs.

Painkillers have many similarities with the highest illicit drugs and, after the consumption, they release the feel-good dopamine. According to the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are 33,092 recorded cases of the death in the United States only in 2015.

While governments say that they are doing everything in their power to prevent this from happening, doctors are still prescribing painkillers to patients without any physical evidence of insufferable pain and with today’s technological development in medicine, there are devices that can help them with tracking the nerve and brain activity. Besides, pharmaceutical companies discovered the great potential in producing even stronger pain killers so no, there are dozens of privately-held Purdue Pharma companies around the globe that provide such medicines that make consumers even forget their names. Some of them are Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (ADR), Depomed In, and Endo International plc – Ordinary Shares.

Since governments are still unable to completely prevent painkillers to be abused,  Big Pharma took the lead to replace all the abusive painkillers with the self – called hard – to – abuse painkillers. One of the examples is the product made by BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc. that placed BUNAVAIL on the market but it still isn’t ranked as high on the scale as the older and more experienced ones. The total revenue by September 30, 2016, was only $2 million, while the companies that sell highly addictive drugs are swimming in money. So how does this really affect the population? Let’s see 10 states with the highest opioid abuse rates to find out.

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