10 Stupid iPhone Apps That Made Millions

Next time you run into an app and think ‘Who in the God’s name would ever download it?’, just remember that there are more than 10 stupid iPhone apps that made millions.

Our smartphones are not called smart and are expensive for no reason. They are supposed to do everything instead of us. Just after the sound of your voice, they can call someone or even type down the whole text. They can take pictures, they can browse newspaper, they can be your diary and schedule. They can even be schoolbooks for students.


Pixabay/Public Domain

The app industry is running wild because of all of these options that we already have and because of all the time we lean on our devices to do the job instead of us. People who had enough time and will to learn the app development are now overbooking the app stores with all sorts of different apps that can either help us or entertain us. And even though those apps are there to make our lives easier, the initial purpose of them was to bring more money to those developers. So, in case you thought that some apps such as Viber, Whatsapp, Instagram, or Facebook were made just so that you could connect with your friends and meet new people from all around the world and share your pictures, interests, and experiences with them, you were wrong. All of them were made just to make more money. And they did.

Besides social networks, apps for reading the newspaper are also in, because people really got sick and tired of getting up each day and reading on the piece of paper some news that was already read by millions of people all around the world online or heard on TV. Besides, it is a lot easier to get up and scroll everything, from politics to scandals. And everything that happens in the country you live in and even on a global level is immediately available on your smartphone as well.

And, as always, one of everyone’s favorites, games. We all need some kind of entertainment from time to time that all kinds of different games that can be found on app stores provide. Especially now, when app developers made it possible for us to play games that we played as kids on our smartphones.

But besides these ones that have their purpose, there are many useless ones that, somehow, made a lot of money. Here are 10 stupid iPhone apps that made millions for some unexpected reason.

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