10 Therapy Dog Breeds for Depression and Anxiety

It is scientifically proven that petting a dog reduces the level of depression and, according to the research done by Insider Monkey, there are 10 therapy dog breeds for depression and anxiety that knows how to make people even happier.

Have you ever noticed how happy people who live with dogs are? I don’t want to tell you fairy tales about dogs having some magic powers that work on people like pills, but it is scientifically proven that dogs can help people heal just by standing by their side, which is why it is the practice in the majority of healthcare institution to have dogs brought to the patients in beds at least once a month.

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Dogs are most grateful creatures in the world and, no matter how many times you have to pass on playing or playing with them because you have a millions of chores to finish that day, they will still wave with their tales whenever they see you and when you finally have some extra time to spend with them, they would be delightful and jump in your lap immediately. Have you ever watched videos recorded by people who were far away from home for a long time? Did you see how happy their dogs were? They were even happier than the family members. Sorry, I said it wrong. Dogs are the family members!

And they are the most sensitive creatures that you will ever meet in your life! They feel whether you are sad or happy, anxious or excited, relaxed or exhausted and they look for any way to make you feel better, even by just sitting next to you. And have you ever noticed how relaxed you were any time you pet your dog? I still have no idea how they do it, but I know one thing: whenever I felt moody, sad, betrayed, or tired, I would take my dog into my arms or put it next to me in my bed and I would immediately feel better. She died 3 weeks ago. Although I have my baby boy that is my whole world and my biggest joy, since she went to a better place, I wasn’t happy even for a day.

That’s the only problem with dogs. They don’t live such a long life. And even if you don’t spend the time with them like I did and if you kept them in your backyard, it is never easy to come in one day and see them breathless. And that is something that will happen eventually. To be honest, I am afraid to have a new dog now. I feel like I would betray her and that I would feel even worse than I do now. But I know one thing, if she was still alive, I wouldn’t be feeling these stones in my stomach that I feel now. Although her breed isn’t on this list, she still made me feel better every day.

To be fair, no matter if your dog’s breed is some classy breed or you found him on the street, your dog is the best for you and there is no person in the world that can argue that. But, if you want to see which breed is most recommended for people suffering from depression and anxiety, here is the list of 10 therapy dog breeds for depression and anxiety.

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