10 Top US Cities for Human Trafficking in 2019

Here we have come up with a new list about 10 top US cities for human trafficking in 2019. This topic is a really terryfing one, but we mustn’t close our eyes in connection with it. Human trafficking and modern slavery do exist, and I firmly believe that all of us need to do what we can. Naturally I don’t mean that you should interfere personally in these issues, but you can inform the authorities about what you have seen.

It’s a shame that slavery still hasn’t disappeared only it got new forms, with new methods and new tools such as social media. The responsibility of internet and social media is pretty high, as it’s very easy to choose the victims on the world wide web. There are people who share too much about themselves on the internet, such as where they go, what their habbits are, what they eat, where they eat etc. After following somone for a while, it’s really not difficult to choose and pick up them. On the other hand there defenceless people who are marginalized by the society, they are the real victims everywhere, such as refugees, migrants, the poor in shanty towns.

The US is regarded to be the most developed country throughout the whole world, where the human rights are defended and secured. Yet, human trafficking is a huge issue here, and the authorities struggle with confining it. If you wonder how many victims there were in the US a year, here’s a data from 2016: 403,000 slaves were found that year. But there must be tens of thousands of victims whose case was unexplored. We can’t imagine how terrible fears they have to live in, without hope, help and future. As migration is a big issue in these days, human trafficking is incontrollable. Children are especially defenceless, as they can’t make a stand for themselves. Sex trafficking is the worst and most common issue when speaking about human trafficking. In these cases criminals sell other people for little money, and the poorer the region is, the less money is asked for someone’s life. There are areas where even the family members sell their relatives, or children just to earn a few Dollars, which is horrible. In my country there are regions where people sell their relatives even for $2 or for a mobile phone! After the deal the victims are kidnapped to farmhouses where there is nothing just the empty flatland. They are closed in the cellars, and forced to work, or to be sex slavery or both. They have no personal documents,  no money, they struggle to survive every each of day with little food given. When they stand near the highways waiting for the “next client” they can’t rely on anybody, and they don’t dare to ask for help. Those, who devote their life to help these people need to be very, very cautious when trying to get in touch with the victims. I read several arresting interviews with these people of course without names, or photos. Everybody risks their life even those who help  them.

Without further ado, let’s check out our selecton from the list of  10 top US cities for human trafficking in 2019.

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10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Here is the first city on our list, which got the 10th place now. Opioid addiction is the largest issue alongside human trafficking in Pittsburgh.

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9. Chicago, Illinois

FBI deals a lot with this city too, as they have already found several illegal massage parlors here, so arrests happen continually.
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8. Atlanta, Georgia

When there are big events such as Super Bowl in this city, the numbers of human trafficking increases.

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7. Las Vegas, Nevada

The biggest and most worrying issue in this city is sex trafficking, which concerns victims between 10 to 60.
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6. Detroit, Michigan

This year officials in Michigan announced new acts against child trafficking, we hope they will be successful in the long run.
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5. New York, New York

New York is a city that never sleeps, and it’s true for good things but unfortunately for bad things as well. This year a twelve-year-old girl was rescued from a hotel, who was kidnapped earlier. She was a victim of sex trafficking.
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4. Columbus, Ohio

Columbus got the 4th place on this list now, as it’s heavily concerned in human trafficking. Last year, while the police were searching drugs, twelve women were found in a house.
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3. Jacksonville, Florida

Well,  without a shadow of a doubt, Jacksonville deserves its place here, as this city is extremely involved in human trafficking. Last year the police arrasted a woman, and she was accused of sex trafficking a blind woman. The victim relied on the criminal, as they attended the same high school earlier.
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2. Houston, Texas

This city was expecting new laws on human trafficking this year. It’s really worth following them now.

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1. Los Angeles, California

And finally, here’s the city that got the first place on our list of 15 top US cities for human trafficking in 2019. Los Angeles is not only the hub of human trafficking, but sex trafficking, too.
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