10 Unfriendliest Cities in the US in 2020

Today we are going to discuss the 10 unfriendliest cities in the US in 2020, according to Insider Moneky’s investigation. Unfortinately in the recent times the United States has a growing problem of intolerance. Many blame Trump for this phenomena, while others say it started in the 80s.

Those, who blame the corporations, claim the corporations began to deal with only their stock prices and shareholders. As they wanted to incerease their profits and started to move their companies to foreign countries, such as Canada, Mexico and some overseas countries. In these countries then, they could hire employees at a much lower wages than in the United States. Consequently stock prices and profits have been incredibly increasing in the last decades, while the wages didn’t grow and people were made redundant.

There are several facets of and unfriendly and intolerant socitey, such as racism, rudeness, or being frozen to the foreigners. I have already lived in many places, and I think people are all the same everywhere. It can happen that you move to a place and in the beginning you think that “hey Dude, it’s the perfect place for me!”. But as the time goes on, you will see, that the people here are completely the same as you met in the previous place. We, humans don’t like peace, we always have to hate someone if not the black people, than the foreigners.

Nevertheless, on this list you will see 10 unfriendliest cities in the US in 2020, which deserve their place here. Now come with us, and let’s check out them them together!

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10. Seattle

The first city on our list is Seattle.  No wonder it got a place here, as it has an own term, Seattle Freeze, which shows how hard to get friends here.

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9. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most well-known cities in the world, and although tourists love visiting it, others skip going to Los Angeles, because of the bad traffic and crimes.

8. Dallas

Southern hostpiatlity is well-known across the US, but Dallas can’t boast with it, so many people perefer to skip goint to this city.

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7. San Francisco

San Francisco has become a rather snobby city, as the cost of living has increased significantly, which dissuades many other to visit it.

6. Chicago

Since there are gang wars, lots of death and crimes – this city isn’t a charming destination for tourism, so it got the sixth place on our list today.

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5. Las Vegas

We are half way on our list of 10 unfriendliest cities in the US in 2020. Las Vegas is the center of entertainment in the United Sates, but yet people seem to dislike that antics and behaviour in the city. 

4. Orlando

Despite Oralando is the home to Disneyland, it”s not enough for this city to get down from this list.

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3. Oakland

Oakland got the third place on this list today, as many travelers dislike everything around Oakland, which naturally wont’t make Oakland residents happy.

2. Baltimore

Unfortuntaley, Baltimore has been famous for rampant crimes and being poverty-stricken, since The Wire. Therefore it deserves its second place on our list today.

Ever since The Wire, it’s been hard to get rid of the image of a poverty-stricken city with rampant crime. Perhaps it is this image which has seen Baltimore find a place on this list.

1. Detroit

The first place now is given to Ditroit, a city that was a flourishing one, but since auto inudstry left it, Ditroit sank into the deep water of crises. There are gang wars, and pointless deaths that ruin this great city. This was our list of the 10 unfriendliest cities in the US in 2020, we hope these cities will be able to arise again soon!

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