10 Unique Classes to Take in Queens for All Ages

We present you with a great compilation of unique classes to take in Queens for all ages. Insider Monkey’s recommendations are always worth checking them. For those of you who do not wish to see another BYOB painting class leaving you with canvases you don’t want to hang, or those of you who have mastered this who cooking thing, there are still a ton of classes that focus on out-of-the–box topics. While Queen is known for being a mostly residential borough of New York, it’s also extremely unique, as it is the most ethnically diverse borough of the city.

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In order to get the best classes, Insider Monkey has consulted the rich database at Class Curious. This site is always a great help if you want to search some excellent classes in any fields. Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three unique classes to take in Queens for all ages from their list.

The first one is a very exciting class: Pole Dancing. If you’re really trying to tone your body, what better way to do it than with a pole dancing class? I’ve heard they can be a lot of fun and I guess it does beat another day at the gym, waiting for someone to finish on a machine. Vibez Studio says they employ talented instructors who teach “sexy confidence-building routines that firm and sculpt your entire body.” They also make a point to note that they use “competition grade poles,” so you should worry about the pole falling or anything. The second class we are recommending you is Beekeeping in the City.  However, at Q.E.D. in Queens, you can find a beekeeping class where you can learn the ins and outs of bees and the whole honey-making process. While I don’t want to be anywhere near bees, I do think honey is tasty. Half of this class is spent in a lecture while the other half is spent tasting and harvesting fresh honey. The best part is, that each student leaves with a bottle of local NYC honey, as strange as that title might sound. At last, but not least let’s check out Engaging Minds. Active Minds Universe is a kids club that focuses on enriching and educating young minds in Queens.  They offer everything from exam prep and subject tutoring to fun classes like chess and Lego creations. All their classes are after school hours, so your kids can spend as much time as possible learning and growing. They also have math and logic classes that encourage problem-solving.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 unique classes to take in Queens for all ages.

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