10 Warmest Sunniest Places to Live in Canada

Well, just a short period of time after the Summer has officially ended, we are already talking about the 10 warmest sunniest places to live in Canada.

Why is that? Well, who knows? As long as some information can’t hurt, why not knowing it? If not for moving there, but for curiosity at least.


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Personally, I am not a really big fan of a warm weather. Actually, I am a fan of a warm weather, but not too hot. I like those sunny days, with the breed of a wind, when I can wear short vintage dresses, but still, don’t get sweat or have my head burn. As it turns out, October is the perfect month for me. Before the night, of course. Too cold for my taste.

But let’s see what the warmest sunniest places to live in Canada are. But first, since this list is based on the highest temperature recorded and the average sunny hours in a year, remember that one year has 8,760 hours. So, before we go on, exclude the night hours, that is surely not sunny and keep in mind that, during the winter, the day is a lot shorter than the night.

Now, if you already live in Canada or are thinking of moving there, but look for someplace with the warmer climate, here are some of the places you want to check out and just give you the hint:

Regina, Saskatchewan. According to the research done by Insider Monkey earlier this year, and based on the Current Results, even though the average annual temperature is a bit colder, the average sunny hours in a year is 2,318 and the highest temperature recorded is 111.02°F.

On the other hand, we have Hamilton, Ontario, that has a bit fewer sunny days than Regina: 2,111, as well as the lower highest temperature, recorded: 77°F, but still, in comparison to the neighborly places, it is one of the 10 best qualified places in Canada to be ranked on this list.

According to this research, the warmest sunniest place to live in Canada of all is Calgary, Alberta, that has around 2,396 sunny days in a year, followed by the highest temperature of 96.98°F.

Interested in seeing more? Check out the full detailed list of 10 warmest sunniest places to live in Canada by Insider Monkey.

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