10 Winning Science Fair Projects For High School

High schoolers are not little kids who need pep-talks and games and with these 10 winning science fair projects for high school, they proved that they really are our future.

For some people, high school is the most challenging period in life. For others, it is the greatest period when they get to experience everything that they won’t be able to do for the rest of their life. While, for the third group, this is the period when they make the biggest effort to prove their capabilities and explore their potentials.

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The first group usually deals with frequent bullying that is present in high school since… well, since the high school as an institution exists. There were always self-called ‘’cool kids’’ that everyone admired and basically got to do everything they wanted and got to molest everyone they wanted. On the other hand, there were kids that were either called nerds or had some other characteristic that made them the perfect target for bullying and, as the time passes, there are new ways to get to them. Nowadays, the most spread is verbal and cyber bullying that is already too scary but it is even worse when you realize that the majority of these kids end up by committing suicide.

On the other hand, there are the ones that use this period to do whatever (and sometimes even whoever) they want. They use this period for socializing, traveling, drinking, and partying.

But there are also the ones that see this period as the perfect opportunity to use their full potential and accomplish things that will lead them into a brighter future. These are smart kids that don’t care if they are called nerds. Those are the kids that enjoy their skills and get to inherit the brightest minds in the world.
For these students, good grades are not the only target. Their main target is to get as many acknowledgments as they can that would make them noticeable among the college scouts and give them enough credit when they apply to the college they wanted. There are a lot of science competitions for high school student to attend where they would be judged by the brightest minds and the members of different science or educational institutions. These are the perfect places for them to show everything they know and can do, which is why all of them spend a lot of time on deciding which project to choose and how to make it perfect by the time they get into the spotlight.

Every year there are millions of innovative science projects that are even better than the ones from last year. Out of all of them, we decided to pick the 10 winning science fair projects for high school that blew our minds and we believe that will do it to you too. So, let’s check them out!

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