10 Worst Beauty Pageant Answers of All Time

If you want to have several cheerful minutes, here we present you these  10 worst beauty pageant answers of all time, from Insider Monkey’s latest article. We have already published some lists about beaty pageants, but this one is a little diferent from the others, as we highlight the worse answers ever.

Beauty contests are events that a lot of people follow and like watching it. Whenever I hear about it, I always remember the film with Sandra Bullock. As for me, I absolutely don’t follow beaty pageants, as they are not my cup of tea, and telling you the truth I have always thought these girls are not the cleverer ones in the socitey. But watching that film I needed to realize that these girls prepare for the contests very hard, and it’s not just about being beautiful, and that’s all. They have to answers hard questions and sometimes the judges have tough time to choose the winners.

Nevertheless I firmly believe that sometimes it’s hard to give good responses, as a really good answer should be intelligent, witty and brief. For example there was a question put up to the Serbian contestant: if she could choose to be water or fire, which one she would prefer to be? Her answer was great, as she said she had no idea how to be fire or water, as she was a human, and girls have emotions, while water and fire don’t.

But now we have listed the worse answers, which will give you some self-forgetting minutes, while reading them. Now, without a further ado, let’s check out what Insider Monkey have investigated for us.


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10. Q: “Why are you proud to be American?”

Answer: “We are truly the land of the great. From the rocky shores of Hawaii to the beautiful sandy beaches of Hawaii, America is our home.”

It’s good that America has Hawaii, but couldn’t you have given a more sensible response?
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9. Q:” If you could make a new law, what would it be?”

Answer: “I think when you down the women can make you up, and I think the women can be said that I have advice for you if you way up, you have to be nice with people, including women, so when you down, women can be nice with you.”

Miss Venezuela gave a really pointless answer. It deserved the 9th place on this list.
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8. Q: “Pop superstar Justin Timberlake once said that the worst thing about being famous is the invasion of your privacy. What is it about fame that makes many people, including you, want to be famous?”

Answer: “All the experiences that I have so far in whole, uhm, my, uhm, experiences have given me fame and I feel like famous. There are though other ways to feel famous and to be famous and those are intelligence and also beauty. Thank you.”

 Huhh, this answer is a completely nothing. She should be a politican…
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7. Q: “In 40% of American families with children, women were the primary earners. Yet they continue to earn less than men. What does this say about society?”

Answer: “I think especially the men are seen as leaders of this and so we need to figure out how to create education better so we can solve this problem,”

Without a shadow of a doubt this answer deserves its place here.
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6. Q: “How do you get younger students to understand the importance of education?”

Answer: “No matter what your job is, your education is on your resume, and the education is with you during people skills, during getting a job, and whenever someone looks at you and they can just tell you have an education.”

Well, it’s another confusing answer.
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5. Q: “Do you think women are depicted in movies and on television in an accurate and positive way?”

 Answer: “It depends on the movie.  “Pretty Woman” is an example of movies that show that ‘woman power’ that I know we all have. We had a wonderful, beautiful woman, Julia Roberts, and she was having a rough time. But, you know what, she came out on top,” 

We are half way on our list now, here’s another strange response. I don’t know what she wanted to say, but this film was about a prostitute. The female character may be a very kind and nice person, but is a prostitute.
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4. Q: “Should U.S. citizens be granted universal healthcare?”

Answer: “I think this is an issue of integrity regardless of which end of the political spectrum that I stand on. I was raised in a family to know right from wrong and politics, whether or not you fall in the middle, the left or the right, it’s an issue of integrity,”

I think it was not a difficult question, but this answer is short of common sense.


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3. Q: “Should evolution be taught at schools?”

Answer: “Evolution should definitely be taught in schools. There are different ways to view evolution, but as everyone can probably agree upon is that everyone evolves. We evolve, as communities that build ourselves from scratch.Nevada is a very good example of that we have evolved from a very small community to something much more bigger, and much more successful. So, I think that evolution can be taught in many ways. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about people and how people have evolved but communities as well.”

Huhh, I couldn’t make head or tail of this response. What is your opinion?


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2. Q: “Should evolution be taught in schools?”

Answer: “I think that evolution should be mentioned in school. The thing is that it’s all that you believe in, and it shouldn’t be pushed on you, but you should be knowledged about it.”

She should’ve explained it better, right? I wonder what was in her mind while answering this.



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1. Q: “Please explain the Confucius quote, “Learning without thought is labor lost.”

Answer: “Confucius was one of whom invented confusion, and that’s why, one of the most ancient, he was one of the Chinese. Japanese who was one of the most ancient,”

Wow… Miss Panama’s answer was a little bit pointless, just to say the least. I think everybody is confused while reading her response.
This was the list of 10 worst beauty pageant answers of all time. Some of them were meaningless, others were funny, but one thing is sure: they were the worse responses ever.
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