10 Worst Cigarettes To Smoke for Your Health

It isn’t the big news that smoking is bad for your health, but, as you all know, there are cigarettes that hurt your organism more and the ones that hurt your organism less. Today, we are going to talk about 10 worst cigarettes to smoke for your health so you can at least avoid them if you can’t quit smoking completely.

The public is familiar with the whole smoking concept, but it seems not to bother them enough to quit it. Each year there are more and more smokers and, the worst thing is that most of them are younger than 21. According to the statistics, each smoker gives away at least a third of the average salary on cigarettes. Even worse, most of them don’t stop on one pack of cigarettes per a day.

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But although it is addictive and can cause a series of diseases such as lung and tongue cancer, there are also people that live up to the age of 90 or more even though each day of their lives starts with a cup of coffee and a cigarette. This is why the cigarette industry won’t shut for a long, long time. But each cigarette manufacturer is now obligated to put announcement or even a picture of all the damage that smoking can cause them on the pack of smokes and the charges for missing some pack out is huge so none of them is going to take a risk.

The one thing that people seem not to get is that smoking also affects people who are non-smokers as well as animals. And, be honest, how many times did you see a pregnant lady with a cigarette in her hands? Let me tell you the secret: multiply that number with 3 and you will get the average number of pregnant smokers in each country. They all know that they can harm their baby, but their urge for smokers are sometimes too big that they can’t control it at all. But, let’s face it, there are too many defected children born, even though their mothers paid attention to their nutrition and avoided anything said to be harmful to their fetus.

The damage that some cigarettes cause mostly depends on the amount of tar and nicotine they contain. Based on the percentage of these two substances, Insider Monkey compiled the list of 10 worst cigarettes to smoke for your health, so check them out now and try to avoid them in the future if you can.

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